—Stopping to embrace the sublime beauties of the moments. 

2016 Paris Design Week
2016 Dutch Design Week
2016 Art Basel at Miami Beach

From time to time, we discover unexpected moments when we have the urge to stop and ap- preciate a presence in a space. On any riverside, the movement of water creates a reflection of miracle light on the riverbed. Sometimes
we touch the water, feeling that movement changing. The moment of eye blinks, shadows change throughout the sunlight. It is a moment when we wander between serenity and sublimity. When the mind tries to memorize it, we
have too many activities in our lives, and there is simply no time to recreate or even describe such feelings; thus, these images disappear forever.
This project examines our surrounding objects: through observations, research, experiments and explorations of
materials that encourage and allow the users to interact with the moments. When applied to the products,
people become more integrated in their live’s details and rela- tionships with objects, finding the narratives
behind them. This thesis work draws heavily on my multicultural background and experiences in model making
or testing with different materials, combining artistic conceptions with technical accomplishments. These create
interactive objects that could be seamlessly integrated into the moments in the lives of users, encouraging
them to choose to stop and embrace the moments. 

Using the light reflection of a cup of water or a fountain, and by observing the details of a liquid’s movement,
and by exploring the relationship between the light and water, I designed the FLOUU Lamp. 
The FLOUU interactive lamp recreates an abstract fluid movement in someone’s living room or a public area. It
creates a space in order to let people settle down or to feel the FLOUU moments. When people get closer, they
can experience different reactions from the lamp, and play with the light, that allow them to embrace these
These moments, are created by real water in the lamp, they are natural, not digital.
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