"Spot the difference" is a project of rebuilding a current existing coffee maker through digital method(from analysis, modelling to rendering). 
Therefore, "spot the difference" means to find the difference between the real product(real photo) and the digital art result(we made).
First, we began to take the photo of the coffee maker at lab.
Here is the real photo that we took.
Then function analysis --- to understand the structure of the coffee maker so that we can create the modelization exactly the same with the real product.
Next, began to rebuid the entire coffee maker.
Export the model. Began to test materials, texture and lights in rendering software.
Rendering step by step.
Finally we finished the project after handred times of modification.
"Spot the difference" game.
So which one is the digital image?
Which is the real photo?
And which one do you prefer?
Maybe the digital image :)
Thank you for watching! 
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